A Sci-Fi Drama with Romance
Visual Novel, Queer / LGBT, 18+

demo coming soon

The plot

In the year of 2066, biologically engineered humanoids known as ‘biots’ make up more than 60% of the work force.

The protagonist of Synthetic Lover is one such biot, and like the rest of his colleagues, he lives to serve only one purpose – to fulfil his pre-programmed vocation as a companion biot in an adult entertainment center known as Dollhouse.

As biots live to serve and exist as lifeless dolls until being activated upon request, their biosystems are sealed off by design – taking with it their ability to think or feel of their own free will… until the appearance of an opportunistic thief with a mysterious device in his possession.

In an attempt to shake off his pursuers, this clueless thief takes refuge in Dollhouse and, after a series of unfortunate mishaps, stumbles upon and accidentally activates his device on the MC. This special device affects the MC in unexpected and powerful ways. The seal that had once limited his capacity to feel emotion is deactivated and for the first time in his life, he becomes fully self-aware. His newly-acquired sentience has disastrous consequences on the life he’s led so far and, desperate to find a solution to his new problem, our biot protagonist is faced with making decisions on who to trust in his quest to regain his former state.

His mission brings him beyond the doors of the Dollhouse for the first time in his life and almost immediately, he finds himself standing squarely in the middle of a massive power struggle between a massive corporation, a rebel group, a black market agent, and his personal companions – all of whom seem to have a different agenda for him and the mysterious device that gave him the ability to feel emotions.