When will the game be out?
We are aiming for 2021.
What languages will the game be available in?
English (voice over + text) and French (text only). Possibly Russian (text only).
Will there be NSFW scenes? If yes, can I turn them off?
Yes. You can forgo the NSFW scenes by playing the PG-13 version of the game.
What's a biot?
It’s a man-made biological being (a technological homunculus of sorts) created by the GL corporation. They are being sold as commodity and fulfill many functions required by society.
There are only two datable characters. Why so few?
We want to focus on more elaborate relationship building rather than maximizing the amount of romance options. There will be more routes besides Bastian and Terrance in the future, if all goes well.
So Riko isn't a dateable character?
Who are you people?
Knight of Hearts core team is composed of creatives all around the world, with headquaters in Montreal (QC). We love BL games and are working hard to bring Synthetic Lover for you all to enjoy!